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Duong Thi Nhung

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2015-10-27 15:37:31

Duong Thi Nhung 첨부파일  - mglobal_3.jpg

HI, I’m Duong Thi Nhung from Vietnam. I’m in Dept. of Korean Study and senior this year. As this is my last semester, I’m now doing my internship at Taekwang Group in Korea. Taekwang Gruop has its branch company at Dong-Nai City in Vietnam. I’m going to work at Taekwang in Korea for a year after my graduation and then I will be sent to its branch at Dong-Nai City as manager level. I really appreciated this great job opportunity to Silla University. The Korean Study scholarship is enough to have all the commodities and my life in global town dormitory is very nice. Moreover, I enjoy my part time working at English Cafe. I can meet not only Korean students but also my other international students from all over the world. Thank you for all these great opportunities to Silla.