Global Silla

  • Minori 첨부파일  - mglobal_4.jpg

    Japan Minori

    Hi, My name is Ueda Min
    I’m now one of our school official PR supporters named ‘Si-na-bro’ and there are a lot of good chances to know our school and meet many Korean students who are in other majors when I do the activities as supporters. and it’s Moreover, I think the international affairs office takes care of us very well. I really appreciated their help and I am really satisfied

  • Madison Rhea Back 첨부파일  - Madison.png

    USA Madison Rhea Back

    Hi, I’m Madison Rhea Back from USA. I have stayed a semester at Silla University as an Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) exchange student and I’ve got scholarship from Korean government during my stay in Korea. By the time I return to the United States, I will have lived in Korea for a total of five months, studied Korean history, studied Korean language, and made lasting memories. There are too many memories made here at Silla in Korea for me to recount them all, but my favorite memories are those involving my friends I have made while here. I had the opportunity to work at the English Café here on Silla campus and I made several friends, both Korean and International through that job.

  • Duong Thi Nhung 첨부파일  - mglobal_3.jpg

    Vietnam Duong Thi Nhung

    HI, I’m Duong Thi Nhung from Vietnam. I’m in Dept. of Korean Study and senior this year. As this is my last semester, I’m now doing my internship at Taekwang Group in Korea. Taekwang Gruop has its branch company at Dong-Nai City in Vietnam. I’m going to work at Taekwang in Korea for a year after my graduation and then I will be sent to its branch at Dong-Nai City as manager level. I really appreciated this great job opportunity to Silla University. The Korean Study scholarship is enough to have all the commodities and my life in global town dormitory is very nice. Moreover, I enjoy my part time working at English Cafe. I can meet not only Korean students but also my other international students from all over the world. Thank you for all these great opportunities to Silla.

  • Stepanenko Elena 첨부파일  - mglobal_1.jpg

    Russia Stepanenko Elena

    Hello, I’m Stepanenko Elena from Russia. I’m now studying Korean Language at Korean Language Institute at Silla University. Korean language program provides a great opportunity to benefit from a good education system, meet people from all across the world and develope into the exciting Korean culture through language immersion and cultural exchanges. Even though it may be difficult to adjust to some differences, the experience can help shape positive, healthy and self-aware leaders.

  • Madurapperuma 첨부파일  - 야산타(Sri Lanka).png

    Sri Lanka Madurapperuma

    Hi, I’m M.A.Y.D Madurapperuma from Sri Lanka. I’m Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) graduate student majored in Business administration.
    The atmosphere of Silla University is very good for learning and all classrooms are well equipped with teaching facilities.
    The International office and the professors are very committed and supportive to international students.
    So far I have really enjoyed my stay at Silla University as a GKS student

  • Nelli Fedorova 첨부파일  - Nelli Fedorcova (Russia).jpg

    Russia Nelli Fedorova

    My name is Nelli and I am a student of International Relations in Russia, Vladivostok city. Thanks to the cooperation between my university, which is Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service and Silla University, I had an opportunity to come to Korea for the exchange program for fall semester 2016. I had a great experience during my stay at Silla University. It was truly unforgettable to make friends with people from different parts of the world and being able to communicate with them. I got a good chance to practice both English and Korean languages and got familiar with the Korean culture.
    When I came to Korea, the first thing that impressed me the most was the campus of Silla University, which considers one of the most ecological campuses not only in Busan, but in whole of Korea. Silla campus is located in the mountains, and thanks to this fact, you may enjoy fresh air, amazing nature and a wonderful view of the city. The campus has everything what you need. There are some stores, cafes, a bank, and library. Our dormitory rooms were cozy and well-equipped, too.
    Learning Korean Language was also quite an interesting experience for me. We had lessons from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m. on weekdays. We were fully immersed in Korean language from the beginning, as our teachers basically used only Korean. It was a challenge for me to understand some grammar and words, but at the same time, learning within a foreign environment surrounded by native speakers gives you exceptional opportunity to interact in Korean in everyday contexts.
    Other than Korean Language Classes, as an exchange student, once a week I had an additional lesson of "International Relations of East Asia" taught in English. My classmates were wonderful students from China, Laos, USA, Japan and Vietnam. We had a lot of fun together both in and out of classroom, going for movies and to the theatre, trying on Korean traditional costume Hanbok and having a tea-party.
    Busan is a beautiful city which has many interesting and exciting places to visit, with Haeundae, Gwangalli beaches, and Nampodong being my favorite. While I was living in Korea I could also visit Seoul and Gyeongju city, which is located near Busan.
    Living in Korea and studying at Silla University, meeting friends from so many different countries, improving my Korean language skills, was so far one of the most meaningful experiences in my life, which I am going to cherish forever.

  • Priskila Natalia 첨부파일  - priskila nat..JPG

    Indonesia Priskila Natalia

    Hi, everyone! My name is Priskila. I would like to share with you my experience at SU.
    It all started with notification on my student’s email with subject “Global Korean Scholarship Program in Silla University, Busan South, Korea”, then, without thinking twice I applied for it and, Thank God, I made it. I packed up my suitcase, said goodbye to family, friends,and get on a plane... to fly away from what I have known as home my whole life.

    South Korea, specifically Busan, felt like home to me for these 10 months. Becoming more independent, and becoming who I really am, are the 2 aspects I have noticed myself really grow in! I have gained so much knowledge about Korean culture and language, and many more that I couldn't say one by one.

    For sure, this student exchange program has impacted me greatly, as I have become a lot more open to new things and a world bigger than just my comfort zone. I always thought that when I had some difficulties back home, that was hard, but here, having something go wrong you need to think of new ways to overcome it without support of family or close frineds. Thus, I have found that student exchange has been a life changing experience that has made me realise I can do so much more than I ever thought I was capable of. I have had a great experience and spectacularly happy for this 10 months being Silla’s student. I will never forget it and I will cherish all the amazing experiences I had!

    Last but not least I am looking forward to what comes next. More fun filled times, more excitement, and more challenges. BRING IT ON!

  • Kristina Lomaka 첨부파일  - 캡처.JPG

    Russia Kristina Lomaka

    Hello everyone! My name is Kristina Lomaka, I am from Russia, Khabarovsk. I am lucky to take part in the Korean Studies program, after finishing which student gets the BA degree in Korean Studies.
    By the way, it is not my first experience living in South Korea: I have lived in Seoul for one year. However, this time I had a chance to go to Busan for 2 years. When I first came to this amazing, warm and sea town, I wasn’t disappointed at all.
    I was settled in building C of the “Global Town” dormitory in double room. The dormitory was built recently; all rooms are clean, big and bright: everyone has a bed, table, chair and a huge wardrobe. Every room consists of a balcony or a window with a beautiful mountain or campus view. Also there is the bathroom with hot water in each room, which is also very good. Besides, each room consists of the air conditioning and a floor heating system.
    There is the cafeteria in the building A of Global Town dormitory. You can enjoy International or Korean food there. Also there is a convenient store, where you can buy a lunch. Moreover, there are lots of cheap cafes, cafeterias and shops in the campus.
    University territory is huge: you can walk down the hill, or you can see a beautiful pond with the ducks, also you can easily go to the center of the town using free school shuttle bus. Besides, mountain air is very clean and favorable for studying processes.
    Saying about the program, I must add that Korean Studies program is taught in English, all professors are native English speakers and Korean Professors. Aside from studying the main course (Korean Economics, East Asian International Relations etc.), all students study Korean Language. All Professors are kind, responsive and communicable.
    So, come to South Korea, come to Busan, I highly recommend to you our amazing Silla University!

  • Ashleigh Cox 첨부파일  - Ashley.JPG

    USA Ashleigh Cox

    Coming to Busan was very scary at first, but with the help of many people at Silla Univeristy, the process moved very smoothly. South Korea is such a beautiful place, and I recommend coming here. The people are very friendly, and Busan has so many places to visit, including cities right outside Busan, like Gwangju. I will miss South Korea and everyone here, and would love to come back one day. Much love from an American, Ashleigh Cox