Cultural Experience Program

Cultural Experience Program

The Silla cultural experience programs are intensive language and cultural exchange programs which are offered during summer and winter breaks and composed of intensive Korean language courses and culture discovery programs.
Korean language classes take place only in small size classes and are taught by excellent teachers with lots of experience with all types of students and levels. Participants of the programs also join various cultural activities and have a chance to travel and explore Busan and Korea. Throughout the years, our cultural experience programs have successfully brought together many international students and receieved a lot of positive responses from the particiapants.


Cultural experience program


Program duration (tentative)
  • Summer : 2 weeks in July
  • Winter : 2 weeks in January


Cultural experience program contents
Cultural experience program contents
Morning intensive Korean language course
  • Small size class (below 15 students)
  • Class by level of Korean language ability
Afternoon culture discovery program.
  • on campus activities : making Korean traditional mask, pottery, food. Learning Taekwondo, Samulnori, Korean tea ceremony, trying to put on Hanbok (Korean traditional dress)
  • off campus activities : visiting tourist attraction and scenic spots in Busan and near Busan area.
  • other : arranging buddy student from Silla and have various activities together such as shopping, dinner and so on.