Ideology of University


"Philanthropy and Education"

- Education for the Talented and Philanthropism -

Parkyoung Educational Foundation, which was established by Young-Taek Park, opened in 1954 Busan Women's Junior College, the predecessor of the present Silla University, with an educational ideology of love and service.

Hae-Gon Park continued Young-Taek Park's work and developed the junior college into a four-year college named Busan Women's College, whose purpose was to develop progressive women leaders who could lead the country and contribute to mankind. In 1997, the university's name was changed to Silla University and the university focused on cultivating creative competent-persons who are ready to use the knowledge-based information society of 21st century.

Silla University's mission is to develop competent persons who can persue truth, creatively improve their knowledge, create new culture, love mankind, serve society, and lead the future of our country. Furthermore, they will be able to contribute to the mutual prosperity of mankind by the passing on of the founder's ideology of philanthropy and education.