Foreigner registration card issuance

Foreigner registration card issuance

  • Application period : Within 90 days upon arrival
    ※ Office of International Affairs substituted for the foreign students to handle Foreigner Registration issuance procedure
  • Required documents: application form (Download), a photographs(3.5cm×4.5cm), certificate of studentship
    (or certificate of university enrollment), passport, application fee(KRW 30,000)
  • Process
    1. Submit application documents
    2. to Office of International Affairs
    3. Submit application documents to immigration
    4. Visit Busan Immigration office to scan applicant’s finger print
    5. Documents screening(3~4 weeks)
    6. Issue foreigner registration card
    7. Office of International Affairs receives cards and distribute it to students


Foreigner registration card re-issuance

  • Case : Loss of card, Card worn down, Need more space on card, Changing information
    (Name, Gender, date of birth, nationality)
  • When : Within 14 days of the occurrence of the incidents
  • Required documents : Passport, Application form(Download), a photographs(3.5cm×4.5cm), Application fee(KRW 30,000), Documents that prove(In case of lost, Certificate from Police station is required), foreigner registration card (It's not in case of lost)
  • Where : Busan Immigration office