Report changes in residence

Report change in residence

  • Reason : Change in place of residency
  • When : Within 14 days from occurrence of the Change in place of residency
  • Where : Busan Immigration Office or District office you belong to
  • Required documents : Passport, foreigner registration card, application


Obligations for living out of Campus

  • Make a contract with householder
    • Make a contract Through the Real Estate Agent for safety.
    • Make sure that contractor is same person with householder.
  • Report changes in residence to Immigration office or District office you belong to with contract.
    ※ In Sasang district office, visiting civil complaint Dept. on 1st floor(tel: 301-4265)
  • Apply for Confirmed Date in Registry Office you belong to with contract.
  • Get seal of confirmed date on your contract from Registry Office.
    ※To get the deposit regally, you have to follow above procedures.


Sasang District Office
  • Bus : 77,161(Get off Sasang district office)
    31,33,59-1,61,62,77,138-1,160,161,169,186 (Get off Buk-Busan tax office)
  • Subway : Take Exit #1 on Gamjeon Station, Line #2


Refer to the website for contact information of other District office.
Registry officeDistrictContact number
BukBusan Registry office Buk-Gu Sasang-Gu 301-0835
Registry Dept. Dongrae-Gu, Yeonje-Gu 1544-0773
BusanJin Registry office Dong-Gu, BusanJin-Gu 808-9931, 802-0999
JungBusan Registry office Seo-Gu, Youngdo-Gu, Jung-Gu 246-1250, 256-9055, 255-9777
Saha Registry office Saha-Gu 294-1970~3
Gumjung Registry office Gumjung-Gu 518-0999, 516-2313, 512-9191
Gangseo Registry office Gangseo-Gu 971-0999, 973-9181, 972-1750


BukBusan Registry office
  • Subway : Take Exit #3 on Mora station. Line #2, Heading to Gupo Station 700m
  • Bus : 12,33,120,123,148,200(Get off Buk-Gu District office)