Message from the Chairperson

Far-sighted policy in
Education for the
Country and the Mutual
Prosperity of Mankind


Silla University, which was established by Parkyoung Educational Foundation in 1954, has been putting its heart and soul into realizing the educational ideology of developing leaders who will contribute to the prosperity of the country and mankind with up-to-date educational facilities and talented faculty members on the basis of long history and tradition.

To meet the demands of globalization, openness and specialization of the times, Parkyoung Educational Foundation is now mapping out a bright future of Silla University so that it comes to be a place producing capable persons with high levels of specificity and creativity.

Silla University has just completed the first phase of the master plan to build campus on the site of 438 acres at the foot of Baekyang Mountain and started the second phase of the master plan to secure sufficient supporting facilities that will help prepare the students for the demands of the rapidly changing society. Silla University will soon be a prestigious private university that is recognized internationally as well as domestically.

As the chairperson of Parkyoung Educational Foundation, who is responsible for the education of Silla University, I will do my best to make brilliant the history and tradition of Silla 61 years.

Chairperson of Board of Trustee Parkoung Institute,
the Juridical Foundation Park, Eon-pyo