Silla UI

Symbol Mark

The symbol mark is a basic element of the UIS which symbolizes the image of the university comprehensively. The outward frame of U represents 'university' and the inner torchlight-like symbol stands for the initials of Silla University. The cloud-like pattern of the inner symbol represents the brilliant culture of the Silla dynasty.

  • 엠블렘
  • 엠블렘



The logotype is a core element of the UIS together with the symbol mark. The logotype is designed so that it represents the concrete images of the University. Unity and harmony with the symbol mark is also considered.

  • 엠블렘
  • 엠블렘



The university flag has an important role that promotes the image of the Silla University to the outside world formally, and so it is required to be produced and used very carefully.

단과대학 표기



The signature is a combination of the symbol mark and logotype, which are essential for the University Identification System. This is an official logo identifying the University formally. Choose the proper one considering the space and layout of the material applied.