International Dual Degree

You can get degree from the student's home university and one from Silla university. students can benefit from a reduced period of study at host university. It is originated to encourage students to broaden their knowledge for future professions nationally and internationally. We have established sister relations with many universities overseas for this program.


List of universities for International Dual Degree program

List of universities for International Dual Degree program
1 China Dalian Nationalities University
2 University Of International Business And Economics
3 Northeast Normal University
4 Fudan University
5 Beijing International Studies University
6 Shenyang University
7 Anshan Normal University
8 Yantai University
9 Liaoning NormalUniversity
10 Eastern Liaoning University
11 Linyi University
12 Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages
13 Ocean University Of China
14 Tianjin Foreign Studies Universiyt
15 Qingdao University Of Science&Technology
16 Qingdao Agricultural University
17 Qingdao Technological University
18 Hebei University
19 Qinggong College, Hebei United University
20 Hehai University Wentian College
21 South China Normal University
22 Huazhong Normal University
23 U.S.A California State University, Sacramento
24 California State University, LA
25 University Of Central Oklahoma
26 U.K Aberystwyth University
27 City University
28 Malaysia Sunway University
29 Ireland IT Carlow
30 Philippines St. La Salle University
31 Central Philippine University
32 Indonesia President University



Applicants should achieve the minimum mandatory courses at their home university. In general, lectures are taught in Korean, but a few courses are open in English. Level of proficiency in Korean should be consulted between two institutions, normally transfer from overseas is made when overseas students have TOPIK(more than the 3rd grade) or English test score(TOEFL 550, CBT 210, IBT 80, IELTS 5.5, TEPS 550 etc.)


Academic System

We have two semesters: Spring and Fall semester. The Spring is the first semester from March to June and the Fall is the second semester from September to December.


Major and Course Organization

Courses are basically defined by compulsory major courses, elective major courses and liberal arts courses.


Course requirements

Applicants can choose any majors and courses under screening of admission office. In this case, study period is managed by the closeness between study fields of two universities.


Credit Transfer & Credit system

Students can earn one credit by attending one hour of class per week. Normally, one subject consists of one to three class hours per week.


Credit from home university

Credits acquired at the applicant’s home university are normally accepted based upon their academic record.


Credit registration

Students who transfer to Silla univ. can take between 18 and 20 credits per semester, including compulsory, elective, and Korean courses during their study.


Study Period

The study period is subject to change according to major and transfer credits but two year is usual.




Students pay tuition fees to Silla univ. for the full study period and to their home university, according to the rules and regulations of each institution.