The Symbols of University

01 University Tree-Pine tree

University Tree-Pine tree

The Pine tree is a Korean evergreen, which grows to a height of 35 meters and a width of 180 centimeters. It blooms in May and bears fruit the following September.
We are very familiar with this beautiful tree because our campus is in the midst of a thick pine forest.

02 University Flower-Royal Azalea

University Flower-Royal Azalea

The Royal Azalea is an evergreen plant, which grows all over our nation. It's about 2~5 meters high and has light pink blossoms in May. The Royal Azalea has 3∼7 buds each twig, and has a strong life and grows prosperously throughout our campus.

03 University Bird-Hawk

University Bird-Hawk

The Hawk is one of the rapacious birds. Hawks are fast, strong and fly skillfully in the sky. This bird symbolizes the character of Silla University.

04 University Color-Blue

University Color-Blue

Blue is a clear, transparent, and profound color. Blue is suitable for the academic tradition of Silla University because of its intellectual and tranquil image. Blue is in accordance with the educational ideology of Silla University because it is the symbol of youth and truth, and represents immortal vividness, best capability, and creativity.

05 Symbol-Swift Horse

Symbol-Swift Hors

The Swift Horse is an imaginary horse with wings. In Korean legends, kings and generals rode on it. The people of the Silla dynasty used the swift horses as their symbol, and now, in modern times the swift horse is the symbol of Silla University.