Participation in activites uncertified for current

Participation in activites uncertified for current sojourn status

  • Students those who wish to take Part-time Job with studying
  • When : Before starting activities
  • Where : Busan Immigration Office
  • Required documents
    Required documents
    Sojourn statusActivitiesQualificationDocuments
    D-2 S-3
    • Students who have D-2
    • Students who prepare Thesis after completing degree course
    • Foreigner registration card
    • Passport
    • Application form Download
    • Recommendation for part-time job
    D-4 S-3 Students who have stayed for over six months from the date of Arrival
  • Time and Place
    1. Within 20 hours per week during semester(graduate course student : up to 30 hours per week), Up to 2 places
    2. No limitation of time and place on Holiday, Saturday, Sunday and Vacation
  • Allowed period : One year is permitted within period of staying(can be Renewed during studying period)