Ideology of Education

Silla University was established by the parkyoung Educational Foundation.

We take the establishment ideology as that of out education. Realization of Mutual Prosperity of Mankind Based on Ideology of Philanthropy and Education.
Silla University inherits the glorious tradition of Korean culture and makes a creative effort to pursue knowledge and truth.
The ideology of education is to develop progressive leaders who will take the leading role in shaping the future and contribute to the mutual prosperity of mankind by developing a noble character.


The Purpose of Education

The development of a Creative Competent Person who can Contribute to the Mutual Prosperity of Mankind. The purpose of education is to pursue new learning and hightechnology in accordance with the requests of the knowledge-based information and industrial society and to develop creative leaders who can contribute to the mutual prosperity of the region, the country and society


The Goal of Education

  • 01 Development of the Intellectuals who have respect for (or with respect for) Man's Life and Dignity Silla University Develops the intellectuals who have respect for man's life and dignity and value liberty.
  • 02 Development of creative Professionals Silla Uinversity develops creative professionals who can realize themselves and contribute to the country and mutual prosperity of mankind.
  • 03 Development of Democratic Citizens with Love and Service Silla University develops democratic citizens who practice love and service. They have the character and personality to live with others in the world in a harmonious and cooperative way.