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Hangeul Writing Contest held for foreign students

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SILLAUNIV 2019-06-05 13:43:37

Hangeul Writing Contest held for foreign students

  • - Zhong Wu-hun, a Chinese student, Awarded the grand prize -
  • On the morning of May 24, Silla Korean Language Institute hosted the "Hangeul Writing Contest held for foreign students", attended by faculty members of the Institute and 400 foreign students.
    This contest was designed to provide foreign students enrolled in the Silla Korean Language Institute an opportunity to check their Korean language skills, motivate them to study Korean and improve their writing skills.
    Right after the ceremony, Zhong Wu-hun, a student from China, won the grand prize. In addition, 26 international students received the Excellence Prize and Encouragement Award.
  • "I am glad to receive the award because I tried so hard and did not give up, I am grateful to the professors of Silla Korean Language Institute who taught me Korean enthusiastically and I will study Korean harder," Zhong Wu-hun said.