Graduate School

The Graduate School aims at developing competent persons, who will play a leading role in the future through the acquirement of knowledge and technology. Also, the Graduate School actively promotes the development of creative experts, the expansion of talented persons with research capability, and the revitalization of research activities. The students acquiring advanced degrees play an important role in all sorts of research centers, schools, and industries in our country.

Graduate School of Social Welfare

The Graduate School of Social Welfare aims at developing experts and leaders who can contribute to the development of a country and community by instructing and researching a social welfare and women-related interdisciplinary theories and method which are on the basis of fundamental ideology and equality.

Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education aims at developing the cultivation of a new teacher through an existing teacher's reeducation, a higher level of education and research for a state of-the art instructional theory, research for a major knowledge and promotion of the application ability in the actual teaching field.

Graduate School of Public Safety & Security Policy

The Graduate School of Public Safety & Security Policy aims to train active and creative experts through continuing education of public safety sector executives. It also aims to contribute to the national safety infrastructure by cultivating a new generation of public safety experts.

Silla East Asia Advanced Management Program(SEA AMP)


Contract Based Department

  • Division of Industrial & Academic Collaboration
    - Major in Business Administration
    - Major in Energy Management
  • Graduate School(Master's course)
    - Major in Energy Management