Division of Aviation

Division of Aviation

'The only department of aeronautics in the southeast region, Silla University in Busan Korea' Fly the sky in the world

In the 21st century, the aviation market in Northeast Asia including Korea is growing rapidly. In addition to Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, low-cost carriers(LCC) are emerging, creating new demand for air travel.


Despite the rapid growth of the aviation market, there is a lack of specialized air force training institutes in Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam. In particular, there are no universities in airline departments and aeronautical maintenance departments of regular universities, and they are unable to meet the competent talents of airlines.


In response to the needs of the aviation industry, Silla University recruited 103 freshmen from the Department of Aeronautics (Aeronautical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering) in 2019 and selected excellent students from all over the country.


The Department of Aeronautics of the Silla University will train aeronautical personnel to meet the international level based on the training course of the FAA[Federal Aviation Administration], as well as aviation certification of the Ministry of Land Infrastructure & Transport of the Republic of Korea.

Division of Aviation


Department / Division

  • Major in Aeronautical Science
  • Major in Airline Service Management
  • Major in Aeronautical Maintenance